LVT (luxury vinyl tile) has higher environmental performance, it is a relatively high-end product in resilient flooring.

LVT flooring has excellent waterproof and sound-absorbing properties and provides an extremely warm and soft feeling on the ground. Make it an ideal choice for interior decoration.

SUNTONE can produce all kinds of wood/stone/carpet grain planks or tiles and can meet the demand for various colors. It is the ideal product to break through the high-end home decoration market. 


  1. UV Coating: Enhances the clarity of the decoration film, resists fading. Enhances the clarity of the decoration film, resists fading.
  2. Wear layer: Scratch Resistance. For durability over 20 years. Widely used for residential areas, shopping malls, etc.
  3. Decorative Film: Modern design based on the most popular models on the market. The film thickness is 0.5mic.
  4. Middle PVC Layer
  5. Fiberglass Mesh Layer
  6. Bottom PVC Layer
  7. Underlayment (Optional) IXPE or EVA: Enhances the floor’s grip, fits existing surfaces, and reduces noise.



100% Waterproof

The SPC flooring is mainly made of superfine stone powder. It has no affinity with water, so it is naturally waterproof. You will not have to worry about water and moisture damage to your flooring.

fire retardant

Fire Resistant

The SPC flooring’s fire-resistant index can reach the B1 level, that is to say, the fire performance is very excellent, second only to stone flooring.

scratch resistance

Scratch resistant

The super wear-resistant layer fully ensures the excellent wear resistance of the SPC flooring, it can be used for over 20 years under normal conditions according to the different thicknesses.

sound absorption

Quiet And Comfortable

The SPC flooring has the sound absorption effect that ordinary floor materials can not compare with, its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels, you no longer need to worry about the ground percussion sound.

easy installation

Easy Installtion

The installation of SPC flooring is very fast, use the high-tech click-lock technology, without cement mortar, and glue, it can be used after 24 hours.

easy clean

Easy Cleaning

The SPC flooring maintenance is very convenient, the ground is dirty with a mop that can be wiped, you only need regular waxing and maintenance.

anti slip

Super Anti-Slip

The wear-resistant layer on the surface of SPC flooring has special anti-slip properties, is more astringent in the case of sticky water, and it is not easy to slip.

formaldehyde free

Formaldehyde Free

The main raw material of the SPC flooring is high-class PVC and superfine stone powder, without harmful materials such as benzene, formaldehyde, and heavy metal.


SUNTONE SPC flooring products use click-lock technology (Unilin, I4F, Vallinge) to make it easy to install without glue, much easier installation.


Starting from the corner, lay the male tongue and groove against the wall and use thin spacers to keep the flooring 6mm away from the wall.


Insert the female groove at the end of the second board into the male tongue and groove at the end of the previous board at a 45-60 degree angle and press gently to make a tight fit.


And so to complete the first row of paving, the distance is not enough for the whole length of the floor can use a straightedge and blade to cut the floor splicing installation.


The second row of flooring side end of the female groove into the first row of flooring in the male groove and gently press to make it completely close, the follow-up and the first row of paving the same way.


And so on until the last row.


Flip the flooring over the female groove to face the wall, cut off the overlap with the previous row with a blade, and install the remaining part as standard.

Applicable Floors

Many floors are available, and the indoor even floor can be directly paved.


Available Size

Plank Size:

150X935 | 1220 mm

180X1220 mm

228X1220 | 1540 mm

305X1220 | 1540 | 1800 mm

Tile Size:

305X610 mm

457X457 | 610 mm

spc plank size
vinyl tile size

Available Thickness

The SPC flooring total thickness is:

①UV Coating Layer

②Wear Layer

③Decorative Film

④Rigid-Core Plank

We have the thickness options as below:

  • 4.0mm
  • 4.2mm
  • 5.0mm
  • 6.0mm
spc flooring structure

Wear Layer Thickness

Some characteristics of SPC flooring are determined by the wear layer, such as wear-resistant, waterproof, fire-resistant, anti-slip, etc. It is an important part of SPC flooring.

We offer the 0.3mm | 0.5mm | 0.7mm wear layer.

Pick the right wear-layer according to the different use occasions.

wear layer data


The underlayment is optional for the LVT flooring, it has good sound absorption and could make the rigid-core flooring feel softer.

We offer 1.0mm IXPE (10) | 1.5mm IXPE(15) | 1.0mm EVA underlayment. The most popular is 1.0mm IXPE(10) underlayment.

Surface Treatment

surface treatment

Deep Embossed: is the most popular flooring finish for SPC vinyl flooring. It maintains the original look of the wood family, giving vinyl flooring a more authentic and high-quality solid wood look.

Hand Scraped Embossed: a process that is used for engineered floors. This process adds an antiqued look to your SPC flooring.

Crystal Embossed: is a regular embossed texture type of SPC vinyl flooring. Crystal embossed can be matched any color such as walnut, cherry, pecan, maple, etc.

Embossed In Register (EIR): is an innovation of SPC vinyl flooring texture. The EIR embossed was once used for laminate wood flooring, used on the SPC vinyl flooring that creates dramatic realism in color. It matches the texture of the decorative paper underlayment pattern rather than just applying the usual wood grain texture. That means that the color and surface are 100% fit, giving us a unique and elegant color. What you see is what you get.

Installation System



SUNTONE Vinyl flooring has a full range of flooring certifications such as FLOORSCORE, GREENGUARD, INTERTEK, CE…


CharacteristicsTestLVT Click
DimensionsISO24341220 * 1220 mm
610 * 305 mm (for tile)
Straightness / SquarenessISO24342≤0.25mm
ThicknessISO243465mm ± 0.15mm
Wear Layer ThicknessISO243400.55mm (+13%/ -10% ) 
Abrasion ResistanceEN660:part-1Group T:≤0.08mm
Residual IndentationISO24343-1≤0.10mm
Chemical ResistanceEN438Grade 5
Fire ResistanceEN13501 / ISO9239-1Class Bfl S1(B1)
Dimensional StabilityISO23999≤0.12%
Color FastnessISO 105-B02:1994≥Grade 6
Slip ResistanceAS4586 / DIN 51130R10
Formaldehyde EmissionEN717-1E1
Peel ResistanceISO 24345≥75N/5cm
Click ForceISO 24334≥120N/5cm
Acoustic PerformanceEN ISO 717-2△Lw=10 dB
Cigarette burn resistanceEN438-2Class 3
Castor ChairISO4918

After 25 000 cycles, no delamination shall occur.
No disturbance to the surface other than a slight change in appearance 

vinyl flooring characteristics


SUNTONE offers a wide variety of patterns, including wooden, marble, carpet.

Wooden Patterns

Marble Patterns

Marble Patterns



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