How to install SPC flooring?

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SPC flooring that is click-lock flooring, refers to the flooring paving process, can be nail-free, glue-free, keel-free, directly laid on the ground floor. Here is the general guide on how to install SPC flooring:

SPC flooring construction requirements

First of all, it’s glad that you choose SUNTONE SPC floor, to ensure that the floor in use after installation to achieve the performance of the product should be. Please look at the installation requirements carefully before you install and use it, and do it strictly according to the content of the installation requirements to avoid complaints caused by improper construction on site. Installation site environment in line with the installation requirements of SPC click-lock flooring:

  1. Installation of SPC click-lock flooring ground leveling requirements within 2 meters in diameter height difference can not exceed 2mm, so as not to affect the floor leveling after flooring, resulting in the phenomenon of decoupling, the ground is not flat first good self-leveling.
  2. The length and width of the ground where the floor is installed exceeds 8 meters when it must do partition measures to prevent thermal expansion and arching.
  3. The floor must be placed at room temperature for more than 12 hours before installation construction after it is delivered to the construction site.
  4. The ground after paving the floor should avoid direct sunlight to prevent the floor from arching.
  5. The installation should be installed with the surrounding wall and the floor to retain a gap of 10-12mm for the expansion joint.
  6. After SPC flooring is paved, PVC or metal footing should be installed in general. The footing only needs to fit well between the top and the wall, and the flooring position does not need to use glue or sealant to bond the skirting to the SPC floor. This facilitates the free contraction or expansion of the flooring to maintain the stability of the product.

SPC flooring installation tools

spc installation tools

  1. Plastic soft hammer
  2. Pacesetter pro pull bar
  3. Pacesetter combination tapping block
  4. Pacesetter installation spacers
  5. Utility knife
  6. Tape measure
  7. Mark pen

SPC flooring installation guide

spc floor install 1

1. Move the B board convex tenon inclined into the A board groove, lock and put flat.

spc floor install 2

2. The spacing of the B board and C board is about 2-3mm into a parallel line after being put flat.

spc floor install 3

3. Lift the A board and B board at the same time (about 20-45 degree angle with the ground).

spc floor install 4

4. Push the B board towards the C board until it is locked tightly.

spc floor install 5

5. Flatten the A board and B board downward with the palm of your hand.

SPC flooring install on the existing floor

On Cement Floor

If the flatness of the original cement floor can be (2 meters ruler depends on the ground and the drop does not exceed 3mm), the locking SPC floor can be used directly on the original ground, and the color can be wood grain, stone grain or carpet grain. If the original cement ground is not smooth but hard enough and will not raise sand, a layer of self-leveling must be made to make up for the flatness of the ground. If the original ground is seriously sandy, it is necessary to re-level it with cement mortar and then do self-leveling or laying the floor directly.

On Ceramic Tile

Such as the ground is relatively flat, the gap is relatively small, not loose, it is recommended to choose the click-lock SPC glue-free floor directly.

On Wooden Floor

If the original floor is relatively flat, the gap is relatively small, and there is no deformation, customers can be advised to use SPC locking floor spread directly. If the ground cannot meet the requirements, the original floor should be removed first. Then according to the ground conditions (cement sand, cement floor) to judge whether to do self-leveling and finally provide materials according to the actual needs of customers (all floors are suitable).


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