What is SPC flooring?

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SPC flooring stands for the stone plastic composite floor, is high-quality, high-tech research and development of new ground decorative materials. The main composition is limestone (calcium carbonate) + PVC Powder + Stabilizer.

The use of natural limestone powder constitutes a high-density, high-fiber mesh structure of the rigid core, the surface is covered with a super-strong wear-resistant vinyl wear layer. The product pattern is realistic and beautiful, super wear-resistant, the surface is bright and not slippery, which is the model of new high-tech materials in the 21st century!

SPC flooring from the day it was born has had a huge impact on human life. “Today we get a lot of interesting flooring but what about the SPC flooring? This is for sure the coolest thing I have ever seen, a floor made from stone plastic instead of the usual wooden laminate or marble that we all know well.” Dynamite Research Laboratory Ltd.

SPC flooring belongs to a classification of vinyl flooring, as we all know, vinyl flooring is divided into coils and sheets, SPC flooring refers exclusively to the sheets. The structure is mainly divided into homogeneous permeable sheets, multi-layer composite sheets, semi-homogeneous permeable sheets, SPC flooring refers exclusively to the semi-homogeneous permeable sheets.

The semi-homogeneous permeable sheet means that a wear-resistant layer is added to the surface of the homogeneous permeable sheet to increase its wear resistance and stain resistance.


what is spc flooring

  • UV Coating: Anti-stain layer.
  • Wear Layer: The process is divided into the transparent wear-resistant layer and embossed wear-resistant layer, according to the film production formula is divided into DOP common plasticizer and DMP environmental plasticizer.
  • Decor Film: The design and color of the SPC floor are presented by the decor film layer.
  • SPC Rigid Core: Usually made of calcium carbonate plus PVC resin powder and plasticizer and other raw materials.
  • IXPE Underlay: Sound absorption and noise reduction and increased softness.
Main Size:

Shape: 145x1230mm, 180x1230mm, 225x1230mm, 180x1825mm, 225x1825mm, 180x1515mm, 145x1515mm, 225x1515mm, 305x610mm

Thickness: 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm, 7.0mm

Wear Layer: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm


The SPC Flooring can be applied to existing floor and wall, will revolutionize the way in which interior designers can make use of the building materials of their choosing, or bring an altogether different look and feel to existing surfaces. The SPC Flooring is also a commercially available product, that is capable of offering both structural and decorative applications.

Compared with other floor decorative materials, SPC flooring has the following advantages:

1. Green environmental protection:

The main raw material of the SPC flooring is a natural stone powder, which does not contain any radioactive elements and is a new type of green floor decoration material.

2. Ultra-light and ultra-thin:

SPC flooring is only 3-7mm thick, and the weight per square meter is only 2-3kg, which is less than 10% of the ordinary floor material.

In high-rise buildings, it has unparalleled advantages in load-bearing and space-saving.

At the same time, it has special advantages in the renovation of old buildings.

3. Super wear resistance:

The surface of the SPC flooring has a special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology, and its wear-resistant rotation can reach 300000 rpm.

In the traditional floor material, the wear-resistant laminate wood floor has only 13000-20000 rpm.

The super wear-resistant layer fully ensures the excellent wear resistance of the SPC flooring, it can be used for over 15-20 years under normal conditions according to the different thicknesses. The thickness and quality of the wear-resistant layer directly determine the service time of the SPC flooring.

Because of its strong wear resistance, SPC flooring is becoming more and more popular in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other places with a dense flow of people.

4. High elasticity and super anti-impact:

SPC flooring has good elasticity and elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. Its foot comfort is called “soft gold of floor material”. At the same time, SPC flooring has strong impact resistance. for heavy objects impact, has a strong elastic recovery, will not cause damage.

Excellent SPC flooring can minimize the injury to the human body and disperse the impact on the feet. The latest research data show that after the excellent SPC flooring is paved in the space with a large flow of people, the rate of falls and injuries is nearly 70% less than that of other floors.

5. Super anti-slip:

The wear-resistant layer on the surface of SPC flooring has special anti-slip property and compared with ordinary floor materials, SPC flooring feels more astringent in the case of sticky water, and it is not easy to slip, that is, the more you encounter water, the more astringent it is.

Therefore, it is the preferred floor decoration material in public places with high public safety requirements, such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, and so on.

6. Fire resistant:

The SPC flooring’s fire index can reach the B1 level, that is to say, the fire performance is very excellent, second only to stone.

The SPC flooring itself will not burn and can prevent fire, the smoke produced by the high-quality SPC flooring will never harm the human body and will not produce toxic and harmful gases. (According to the figures provided by the security department: 95% of the people injured in the fire are caused by the poisonous smoke and gas produced during the combustion).

7. Waterproof and moisture-proof:

Because the SPC flooring is mainly composed of vinyl resin, it has no affinity with water, so it is naturally not afraid of water, as long as it is not soaked for a long time, it will not be damaged, and it will not become moldy because of high humidity.

8. Sound absorption and noise prevention:

SPC flooring has the sound absorption effect that ordinary floor materials can not compare with, its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels, so in the need for a quiet environment such as hospital wards, school libraries, lecture halls, theatres, and others, you no longer need to worry about the impact of high heels and ground percussion sound on your thinking, SPC flooring can provide you with a more comfortable environment.

9. Antibacterial performance:

The surface of SPC flooring is treated with special antibacterial treatment, which has the ability to kill most bacteria and inhibit bacterial reproduction.

10. Seamless splicing:

After strict construction and installation, the seams of SPC flooring are very small and can hardly be seen from a distance, which can not be done by ordinary floors. therefore, the overall effect and visual effect of the floor can be optimized to the maximum extent.

In the environment with high requirements for the overall effect of the floor, such as the office, and the environment with high requirements for sterilization and disinfection, such as hospital operating rooms and others, the SPC flooring is the most ideal choice.

11. Cutting and splicing are simple and easy:

You can cut it arbitrarily with a utility knife, and at the same time, you can use a combination of different colors, show the designer’s ingenuity to achieve the most ideal decorative effect.

12. Installation is easy and fast:

The installation of SPC flooring is very fast, without cement mortar, and glue, it can be used after 24 hours.


13. Wide variety of designs and colors:

SPC flooring has a wide variety of designs and colors, such as carpet pattern, stone grain, wooden floor pattern, and so on, and even personalized customization can be realized.

Coupled with rich and colorful accessories and decorative strips, which can be combined to produce a beautiful decorative effect.

spc wood floorsmarble spc floorscarpet spc floors

14. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance:

After testing, SPC flooring has a strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, can withstand the test of the harsh environment, is very suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories, research institutes, and other places.

15. Heat conduction and warmth:

SPC flooring has good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, a small coefficient of thermal expansion, and is relatively stable.

SPC flooring is the first choice for floor heating and heat conduction, which is very suitable for family paving, especially in cold areas.

16. Convenient maintenance:

SPC flooring maintenance is very convenient, the ground is dirty with a mop that can be wiped.

If you want to maintain the long-lasting bright effect of the floor, you only need regular waxing and maintenance, and the frequency of maintenance is much lower than the other floors.

17. Environmental protection and renewable:

Today is an era of pursuing sustainable development, the SPC flooring is one of the floor decoration materials that can be recycled. This is of great significance to the protection of our earth’s natural resources and ecological environment.

18. International popularity:

SPC flooring is a new type of floor decoration material widely used in countries all over the world, and its development prospect is very broad.


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